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This web site presents the services being offered by Neil and Dolores DeHaan. Neil worked as the Director of Grants at Essex County College in Newark, NJ, up through October 1, 2013. Neil has taught graduate level courses for Rutgers University-Newark in areas of grants writing and management, resource development, budgeting,  human resources for nonprofits, and healthcare management.  Now retired from full-time employment, Dr. DeHaan is  available for consulting, and he is pleased that this web site will enable him to share his expertise and experience in designing programs, seeking grants, and implementing grant-funded programs.  His experience lies in city government, healthcare systems, employment and training, and higher education.

Dolores DeHaan was employed in the public sector at the U.S. Department of Labor (USDOL), ETA, with 15 years as the Foreign Labor Certifying Officer for Region I.  With a Bachelor's degree in labor studies, Dolores has consulted in the area of USDOL certifications for foreign labor.  She is currently available to assist individuals, the federal government, lawyers, businesses, and contractors in the area of foreign labor.

You can reach Neil at ndh@localsolutions.biz and Dolores at ddh@localsolutions.biz .


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