MISSION: To develop solutions for social-economic challenges

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Neil and Dolores De Haan have unique backgrounds for the mission of local solutions. Dolores (born and raised in New York City) and Neil (born in Amsterdam, Netherlands) met at the U.S. Department of Labor (USDOL) in the 1970’s and soon thereafter married. Dolores recently retired from the USDOL as the Certifying Officer of the USDOL Foreign Labor Certification Unit, Region I, which includes 10 states, the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands. She earned a B.A. degree from Thomas Edison College and continues to stay up-to-date on the complex field of foreign labor and immigration. Neil takes the concept of life long learning seriously, having earned four degrees: B.A. degree from George Washington University (1970) and three degrees from Rutgers University—M.S.W. (1973), M.B.A. (1990), and Ph.D. (2004). Having worked on Capitol Hill during his college years, Neil’s experience since then has been on the local level: an urban church (one year), Elizabeth, NJ’s City Hall (19 years), health care systems (9 years) and higher education (7 years).

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Neil DeHaan

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SUMMARY: Forty years of executive experience in cutting-edge programs, requiring strategic planning, research, writing, and leadership skills. Outstanding results in planning, research and fund development, organizational development and team building, and project management.



Planned, researched, wrote proposals, and hired, trained, and supervised staff to secure $150 million in funding for major programs and projects. Designed, operated, and contracted for the implementation of a wide range of projects; handled public relations. Supervised the Elizabeth Master Plan (1990) and the annual capital improvement plans. During the past ten years filed 200 applications totaling $32 million with foundations and public funding sources in health care and higher education; secured about $13 million in funding during the past ten years.


Organized, hired, trained and supervised personnel for two major organizations from start-up to maximum growth and for a home care company as interim executive. Developed Management by Objectives system, focusing on vision, mission, strategy, unit objectives, and periodic review. Emphasized team building, particularly as part of problem solving. Developed a performance appraisal system and a complete personnel manual. Experienced in budgeting and the day-to-day operations of an accounting system.


Introduced formal project management into City government; supervised multiple projects each year and also actively managed 2 major projects. Successfully concluded projects like Vista Hotel, IKEA, 2 bank buildings, 3 major public buildings, and relocation of a physical therapy center. Worked with and supervised professionals such as counselors, program coordinators, evaluators, lawyers, engineers, architects, planners and accountants. Passed all federal, state, and local audits for grant-funded programs. Coordinated and developed internal and external newsletters. Applied skills in project management to the health care industry, such as the Newark Housing Authority clinic project in partnership with the East Orange Family Health Center.


Served as City government’s top executive and policy maker for economic development, long range planning, social services, and housing. Developed a leadership style that focused on strategic planning to match the organization with the changing socio-economic environment. Served as liaison to leaders of major federal, state, and quasi-public agencies and businesses. Reported directly to Mayor and maintained effective relations with Governing Board. Made significant contributions to senior staff meetings of the Visiting Nurse Association of Essex Valley. Successfully transferred these skills to the health care industry and higher education and, as a volunteer, to local church governance. Experienced in working with employers to develop training programs that meet their personnel needs and requirements.

Essex County College, Newark, N.J. December, 2006 to

Director of Grants present

Cathedral Healthcare System, Inc., and

Catholic Health & Human Services, Newark, N.J. February, 2003 to

Director of Grants December, 2006

Rutgers University, Newark, N.J. January, 2005 to

Adjunct Instructor, M.P.A. Program (part-time) August, 2009

Essex Valley Healthcare, Inc., East Orange, N.J.. July, 1994 —

Grants Administrator for East Orange General Hospital, February, 2003

Essex Valley Visiting Nurse Association, & Care at Home (CAH)

Chief Operating Officer (interim), Care at Home, Inc. (CAH) September, 1995–June, 1996

Nyack College, Nyack, N.Y.

Adjunct Instructor, Adult Degree Completion Program May, 1993–2003

Advanced Physical Therapy Associates, Cranford, N.J.

Business Manager May, 1993–May, 1994

City of Elizabeth, Elizabeth, N.J.

Director of Community Development 1979–January, 1993

Coordinator, Employment & Training Programs (CETA) 1973–1979

U.S. Department of Labor, New York, N.Y.

Manpower Development Specialist 1973

Passaic Community College, Paterson, N.J.

Teaching Assistant 1971–1972

U.S. House of Representatives, Washington, D.C.

Staff assistant to Congressman Charles Joelson 1968–1969


Education: Rutgers University, Newark, New Jersey Ph.D. 2004

Graduate School of Management (Rutgers) M.B.A. 1990

Rutgers University, School of Social Work M.S.W. 1973

George Washington University B.A. 1970

Affiliations: Phi Beta Kappa

You can reach Neil at ndh@localsolutions.com

Dolores DeHaan

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With over 35 years of experience in the Foreign Labor Certification program, I served as Certifying Officer (C.O.) of the Foreign Labor Certification (FLC) Unit in New York City for 15 years and as C.O. of the Boston (FLC) for approximately two years. The combined regional offices handled permanent and temporary Applications for Alien Employment Certification filed in 10 states including the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands.

I worked on a contract basis for The Ancon Group, Lanham, MD. This work involved analyzing, processing contracts, and reviewing applications. I used word processing and database software to prepare a variety of documents, correspondence and reports. Based on my previous managerial skills I developed interview questions and assisted in reviewing resumes of applicants who were applying for positions of leadership at the Philadelphia Backlog Elimination Center during the time that Ancon was awarded a contract by OFLC for the purpose of eliminating a backlog of FLC applications.


LEADERSHIP: Provided guidance and leadership to national, regional and state partners with regard to the FLC program. Successfully developed a strong FLC work plan focused on reducing the backlog of permanent applications for labor certification without compromising the integrity of the program. Successfully completed this task at both the N.Y. and Boston Regional Offices so that only 369 permanent cases in Boston and 850 permanent cases in N.Y. were transferred to the Philadelphia Backlog Elimination Center (PBEC), respectively, when the FLC program shut down in December 2005. Developed a strong transition work plan focusing on the shutdown of the FLC program in the N.Y. and Boston offices. The work plan resulted in a seamless transition of all cases along with the logging program from Boston to Atlanta with no down time or disruption to the computer system, or to our customers or stakeholders. During my tenure as C.O. temporary H1B, H2A/B applications (including Entertainer and Logging) were processed on a timely basis.

RESOURCE MANAGEMENT: Effectively ensured that staff members were appropriately utilized and developed in a fair and equitable manner. Developed “experts” in specialized areas of the FLC program. Developed an H2A team and team leader and this insured that H2A (agricultural) applications were always processed expeditiously and qualitatively. Through

effective utilization of staff resources, I ensured that temporary H2A/B and Logging cases were processed in a consistent and expeditious manner. H1B applications were consistently processed within 30 days of receipt.

COALITION BUILDING, COMMUNICATIONS, AND TRAINING: Provided a strong and authoritative voice for the FLC program in the Region through formal and informal meetings and by educating our partners and customers on new FLC policies and procedures. Attended and participated

in meetings held by the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA), the New Jersey Bar Association, the Annual Immigration Conference at the N.J. Institute for Continuing Legal Education

and the Practicing Law Institute in New York City. Provided training for these groups and also spoke at Agricultural Pre-Harvest Conferences on the processing of H2A temporary agricultural applications.

PROBLEM SOLVING AND INITIATIVE: Successfully created new ways to do business, improving procedures as well as transitioning staff into new program areas. Worked closely with staff and Office of Inspector General (OIG) and USCIS on fraudulent applications which led to several convictions for labor certification and visa fraud. Served as a DOL witness in court. Identified areas for improvement and implemented changes to the administration of the logging and temporary programs to streamline the processes in the region. Successfully monitored productivity and adjusted staff assignments, as needed, between the various programs. Achieved a 4% annualized continuous improvement rate in backlog reduction and exceeded the 2% continuous improvement rate negotiated with the National Director of FLC. Improved the processing of H2A cases by creating a H2A team along with a Team Leader to ensure that 95% of H2A applications received were accepted within 7 days of receipt and approved or denied within 30 days of receipt in accordance with N.O. requirement. H2B applications were processed within 30 days of receipt from the states and H1B applications were completed within 7 days of receipt.


Private Consulting Elizabeth, N.J.

October 2007 – Present

The Ancon Group Lanham, MD

Off –Site Analyst (OASA) July 2006 – September 2007

U.S. Department of Labor (FLC) New York, N.Y.

Certifying Officer May, 1991 – January, 2006

Acting Regional Monitor Advocate 1978 (6 months)

Manpower Development Specialist 1975 – April, 1991


Bachelor of Arts Degree

Thomas Edison State College, Trenton, New Jersey


Fluent in Spanish language

Recipient of Impact Award from the Federal Women’s Program; The Secretary’s Exceptional achievement Award and a “Special Act or Service Award”

Member of four National Office teams: 1) Smart II Team – Developed new management performance appraisal system. 2) Alien Certification reengineering Team. 3) Federal Role team. 4) Leadership Competency Model

Quoted/interviewed in following media publications: Wall Street Journal, 1/26/93; The Record newspaper, 2/2/93 & 2/19/03; Newsday, 3/26/04; TV interview on Channel 47 (program called “Immigration & You), April 1995; magazine “Your Company”, winter 1995 edition.

You can reach Dolores at ddh@localsolutions.com


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